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Jesus Menendez  is a PhD student and P/T research assistant. He completed a MEng in Forestry Civil Engineering at University of Lleida in 2006. Before moving to Napier in 2008 to study for an MSc in Timber Engineering, he worked three years as a temporary works engineer for an international company in Barcelona. Recently, Jesus contributed to research on structural reinforced timber as a new modern method of construction in New Zealand. After this overseas experience, he was appointed as KTP associate at RTC Timber Systems. At the moment, his effort and PhD thesis focus on the structural design and thermal performance optimisation of closed timber frame panels. Furthermore, Jesus is an experienced Certified European Passivhaus Designer and he is actively involved with organisations like STEM, ICE, IStructE, iPHA or SEDA. 

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  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)
    In 2004 the Barker 33 Cross-Industry Group was established and involved stakeholders from 50 separate organisations across the construction sector. Its purpose was to examine the barriers to the greater use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and according to the group (Barker, 2006) “Modern...
  • Offsite Construction
    Offsite construction is primarily based on two key principles: efficiency and quality. The concept of off-site construct is to allow parts of the building to be manufactured in an environment suited for effective production, where, if appropriate, advanced equipment can be used to increase...
  • Structural engineering
    Structural engineering is an engineering discipline often found within civil engineering. It is a specialisation which evaluates the design, construction, conversion, repair and conservation of structures in order to ensure stability.
  • Timber Engineering
    Timber engineering is a specialisation within structural engineering which involves using timber as structural elements. As timber is hygroscopic, anisotropic and inhomogeneous, timber structural design and analysis is more complicated than that for other engineering materials such as steel and...
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+44 (0)131 455 5104

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42 Colinton Road
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    Jesus Menendez (PhD 2011-)
    Timber frame closed panel systems for low energy buildings. Modern methods of construction have arisen to increase both quality and competitiveness in buildings. Furthermore, timber frame closed panel systems are especially benefited from excellent carbon...
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    Recent Publications

    Menendez, J.M., Leitch, KL, Hairstans, R. (2014). Structural behavior of timber frame closed panels for specification in the United Kingdom. In: (Ed.) Experimental Research with Timber, , () ( ed.). (pp. 155). Prague: . University of Bath.

    Menendez, J.M., Hairstans, R., Leitch, KL (2014). Timber Frame Racking Calculation Software. CSC Tedds.

    Menendez, J.M. (2013). An innovative design tool for optimisation of timber structures. In: (Ed.) Young Researchers' Conference, , () (15 ed.). (pp. 81). London: . IStructE.

    Menendez, J.M., Hairstans, R., Leitch, KL, Turnbull, D. (2012). A Structural Engineering Platform for Timber Modern Methods of Construction. In: (Ed.) Innovation on Architecture, Engineering & Construction, 7th, () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

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