Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures

The Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures (COCIS) is a research centre within the Institute for Sustainable Construction which works with building industry partners to research and commercialise innovation. With a focus on local sustainable resources, the Centre delivers construction technologies for tomorrow’s communities.

COCIS as a research centre was instigated in 2011 by an EPSRC funded project. COCIS now delivers on a Forest Products Research Institute (FPRI) Wood Products Innovation Gateway (WPIG) and Institute for Sustainable Construction (ISC) Low Carbon Business Technologies Gateway (LCBT). In addition, COCIS performs consultancy partnerships with industry companies and organisations to increase productivity and profitability.

COCIS is a cross-cutting Centre, having close links with Scottish government and funding agencies, and institutes and centres at Edinburgh Napier University including: the Centre for Timber Engineering, Building Performance Centre and Scottish Energy Centre. COCIS is ideally positioned to provide the range of expertise required to ensure optimisation of building performance, market viability of offsite products and creation of value for your organisation.  


COCIS has a proven track record of providing value to our partners. Through the application of Research, a propensity to Innovate and an ability to Commercialise our findings we are uniquely positioned to service the needs of the Construction Industry.

  • We apply the principles of academic rigour in a transparent manner to add value to our partner’s activities.

  • We act as an impartial knowledge base and as such we can facilitate communication between the supply chain and offsite enterprises through to the onsite construction phase.

  • Partners engaging with us benefit from increased profitability, are perceived as forward thinking and are able to lever commercial advantage over their competitors.

COCIS is committed to ethical, impartial, and objective academic research and works as a team to deliver the highest level of quality with its industry partners. As such, COCIS is a centralised knowledge base with respect to sustainable materials and offsite methods of design and construction.