Services for Industry at COCIS

The Centre for Offsite Construction and Innovative Structures provides a number of key services to the construction industry. Due to our cross cutting position within the sector we can provide an impartial, professional service in a number of ways. We have the knowledge and ability to engage with parties at all levels of the construction industry supply chain in order to add value to their approach.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The centre offers a range of Continued Professional Development for the construction industry. These come in a range of formats from day long seminars to short courses which can be within the institute, at an external location or within the workplace. The expert team within the centre can provide information on an array of topics relating to the construction industry to both industry and academic audiences.

See our Professional Development portfolio and our current CPD courses for more information

Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer

One of the key elements of the COCIS strategy is to optimise the benefits arising from the intellectual assets created by its staff and students. We will interact with businesses to enable the utilisation of our knowledge and expertise to evolve and add value to their practice.

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Aimed at enabling businesses to improve their competitiveness, a KTP partnership with us will enable your business to access key skills and expertise. Delivered by a carefully selected project associate, our award winning KTPs vary in length depending on the needs of the business and the desired outcome.

See our Knowledge Transfer Partnership portfolio

  • Innovation Vouchers

Innovation Vouchers provide funding so that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Scotland can work with an external expert for the first time, gaining new knowledge to help their business innovate, develop and grow.

See our Innovation Voucher portfolio

Consultancy and Contract Research

Due to our position within the industry COCIS can provide impartial, expert consultancy to the construction sector. The expertise found within the centre can provide guidance, support and technical knowledge on a range of subjects in a number of different manners. COCIS has the ability to offer training, desktop studies, laboratory testing and technical expertise to the industry with the delivery and content of any work being tailored to the needs of the client.

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See our Consultancy portfolio

See our Contract Research portfolio

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