A Whole House Engineering Platform

The Business Challenge

The current implementation of innovative timber offsite MMC techniques is limited due to the unavailability of a Eurocode compliant platform that is generic across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector (Osterrieder, et al., 2004). This constraint was identified when timber engineering innovations were restricted from being embedded into practice after being developed with architectural firms and construction companies (Palmer, 2000).

The Solution

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As a result, the Centre for Off-site Construction and Innovative Structures (COCIS) is currently developing an integrated whole house engineering (WHE) system based on Tedds® for Word (T4W), CSC Inc. This mechanism streamlines the release of research findings to the AEC sector and in particular release information on work carried out on new UK timber components and systems and their associated details.
The structure of the WHE mechanism can be defined as a group of components or proformas that use a core centralised database of collated information. The database retains the material, component or system performance information and the appropriate proforma processes this according to the relevant design code. A WHE solution is provided by combination of the proformas.

The overarching aim of a current EPSRC funded project hosted by COCIS is to develop a structural optimisation platform for timber off-site MMC. This platform will not only provide a Eurocode compliant design mechanism for timber but also link the findings from research investment with the end user via Tedds.

Partnership Benefits

The structural design platform being created can, through its generic database, also be integrated with additional information where a holistic design approach is required including for example cost and building performance (thermal and acoustic). As a result, the WHE system has the potential to provide architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, building planners, local authorities and the timber industry in general with reliable valuable information of timber built systems for successful MMC projects (Hairstans, 2010). As result, the long term aim is for the software platform being developed to become BIM enabled by the inclusion of relevant information to the product database library with assistance from industrial partners.

Quotation The relationship with CSC and Edinburgh Napier University will allow them to get calculations into the hands of thousands of engineers, maximising the impact of their work. We see this as a really positive step forward for timber engineering to Eurocodes. - Chris Wilson, CSC UK

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EuroCode 5 Tedds Racking App (VIDEO, kB)

Project Team

Robert Hairstans
Head of Centre
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Dr Kenneth Leitch
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Deb Turnbull
Associate Consultant
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Mark Kirk
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Jesus Menendez
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