Home Grown Timber Truss System

The Challenge

Building on the outcomes from the Home Grown Timber Floor Systems work the development of a Home Grown Timber Truss System was carried out. This saw a parallel chord truss spanning 12 m to act as a ridge beam designed using the knowledge gained from the floor truss research.

The Solution

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After an iterative design process in collaboration with Neil Sutherland Architects it was determined that an 8 bay system using Douglas fir timbers for the chords and compressive web elements combined with steel tension members was the most economical design. A combination of traditional carpentry joints and modern mechanical fasteners were utilised.
From the recommendations of previous research work  a modern material selection system should be utilised to ensure that the timber was of suitable quality. Therefore the MTG handheld grader manufactured by
Brookhuis Micro-electronics was used to grade each piece of timber independently, allowing optimal resource allocation. The truss was manufactured by MAKAR Construction Ltd. and will be located in-situ in July 2013.  

The Benefits

The work carried out on this project allowed a bespoke product to be developed to meet the needs of the architect. The adoption of modern processes allowed home grown douglas fir to optimally utilised to create an efficient structural system.
The close collaboration between the parties involved also provided the optimal platform to carry out such a project, culminating in the work being presented at a CPD event hosted by the centre. The presentation can be viewed here.

Quotation In this case COCIS found a solution to a truss design problem and then tested its viability. This type of work creates direct value to our business through product improvements. - MAKAR construction

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Home Grown Timber Truss Systems Presentation (EMBEDDED, kB)

Timber truss animation (VIDEO, kB)

Project Team

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